NAT: Operation Relaunch

♫ The Color Fred - Hate to see you go

I have changed.  I have a dog.  I wear boots now.  I long for a zombie apocalypse to happen, or an alien invasion...whichever comes first.  I am ready to fight everyday, in whatever place.  I wear a little more pink, I started using jewelry again.  But I'm stuck with shirts and jeans, oh... and Converse and Vans.  I'm back to Metal music.  I use a backpack instead of a handbag.  I use a vest almost everyday, so I can put my cellphone among other small things.  I don't know if I should call it a progress, but it's a change.  I still hate my life, I'm pretty much the same person, a little more hater than I was before.  My heart is a little darker and crazier.  And when I mention "heart" I totally mean mind and intelligence.  I'm a lot less of a pussy.  I use the word hate instead of love, I know... that is kind of lame, but I don't care.


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