The higher road...

♫ Adele - Set fire to the rain

I was expecting more of me when I decided to use this blog, the truth is that I'm too tired.  I don't want to become some stupid bitch, I don't want to be fake and/or surprise anyone.  I just want to be me.  With my male friends, with my virtual~ity.  With my jeans and my t~shirts, with my converse and my flip~flops, my lack of make~up or jewerly.  With my million jokes about lifestyles and life itself.  I want to feel comfortable with myself every single day.  I wanna show the middle finger and not be yelled at because of it.  I want to put fucking in front of every word I can and not sound like a low class cheap btch.  I [for once] want to wear a dress and not listen to how everybody is surprised about it.  I want it to be normal, smooth.  I wanna go to my classes with my PJs, ok no that's a little too far.  But you get the point?  Cuz I do now.  This isn't about changing, it's about supporting who I really was, am and will be.  I'm sure now that those who stand beside me, are true friends...  They say and give opinions that I don't really need to follow.  

So I have new clothes, cuter and brighter and I'm happy about it.  :D

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