Zombie-like Week

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I sorta kinda had a weird zombie~like week... I was dedicated to my studies, I studied a LOT... Wasn't really taking care of my 'beauty' situation... I know that the main reason for this blog is for me to record my being-more-girly-on-the-outside development but I feel like I have to give an excuse every time I don't do so.  So this blog will be used to react to myself when I feel like giving a shit about fashion.  Anyways, this past week I had great combos... but I'm going to take only one example, here it is:  black leggins, blue strapless sportbra, a lose pink top ... blue sweater, black shoes... black nails, eyeliner as usual, etc.  I looked chick... oh yeah I did... more than looks... I felt kinda chick in the middle of my zombie~ness mode.  I had a few angry~nessnessness episodes and I even felt a little lonely... so for me to feel chick.. it's pretty much a big deal.  

I am starting a new exercise ... It's an experiment. From now on I'm going to compliment myself every time I remember to do so. Starting now I should write that I'm beautiful, nah... not that, ... I should know how much I love myself... after all it's been 22 (and a half) years looking at the mirror and seeing the same joker face. Okay, that wasn't so much of a compliment... but it's a start. I love me.

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