Maybe a song is a good start...

...to figure out this life.    ♫ Orianthi - Suffocated

I have a friend, he says that I should or must start dressing up like a fucking girl already.  I say that I enjoy using Foot Locker's T-shirts (yes men's Foot Lockers), I enjoy not putting that much (THAT MUCH) make-up on.  But when he came to me (via Windows Live Messenger) with that suggestion I took it as a ...hmm... challenge? Maybe.  I can trust his fashion views, because he knows what I like.

Last semester a bunch of my friends from the university had the same preoccupation -why won't you wear cute dresses?- they said... Well, truth is... I don't like to get out of my comfort zone that often.  See, I grew up in front of a computer, when it came to my first period I didn't even know what it meant.  Always wearing glasses that ~always~ ended up getting lost... always wearing t-shirts and sneakers.  But still I can say that I'm pretty much a girl in every aspect.  I like bows, I like make-up, nails, getting my hair done.  And I barely wear sneakers now...

I enjoy comfortable clothes (I mean, who doesn't?).  I know that I'm a grown up now, no one should be ~like~ telling me how to dress.  Specially not men.  Some girls would find that wrong.

The reason for this blog ~the big picture~ is that challenge I took.  Here I will post pictures and reviews of stuff I would enjoy wearing  wear without complain.  Meaning... things I'd like to have, combinations, and maybe some of my own new stuff.  Little by little I'm going to change the way I look, not changing the human being that I am.

Before and after?  Maybe... We'll see how this goes.  Enjoy, because I'm already enjoying it. ;)

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