Cleaning my abstract wardrobe...

♫ Avril Lavigne - Darlin'

This past week has been a messy one.  Trying to deal with college, friends, ex's, family and my mind.. are not easy tasks to accomplish.  I had a breakdown.  I laughed, I cried.  But even my extra~super busy week did not stop me from trying to let the inner girly girl out of me.  I tried hard, but not enough.  The most *girly* thing I wore was a little eye shadow.  I didn't eat well so I felt like crap all week.  I didn't want to feel cute because I was so mad and busy most of the time.  

Above all of this...I tried to be as sweet as I could and my best combo this week was ... a green sweater (i do not like green)... black leggins and gladiators... eye~liner (black of course) and a weird color for the eye shadow... this is how it went, more or like...

I swear I tried.   

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